Caesar 3 allows the part vouchers to be issued on the practical

Fiberrolls paper

The advantage of the parts receipt made from fiber rolls is that we can also print a QR code in addition to the colored page marking. In contrast to printing on Hydrofix paper, the parts receipt is produced using direct thermal printing, which is faster and quieter than printing with a dot matrix printer.

Fiberrolls is a clean- and wash-resistant white paper with color markings on the side.

The colors blue, gray, purple, yellow, green, red, orange and pink are available. The mark is 10mm wide and is located 2mm from the edge. If the standard colors are not enough, you can print the left and right edges with different colors. If the 49 color combinations are not enough, a third color strip can be printed.

This system is particularly interesting for collection points whose goods are cleaned centrally.



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