Caesar Business is the youngest offspring from Düchting Software & Consulting GmbH. The software was developed to quickly record laundry and textiles that were handed into branches and collection points in the central operation and to ensure the traceability of the parts.


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  • <p><span style="font-size: 14pt;" data-mce-style="font-size: 14pt;">---&gt;&nbsp;Eingangsscan</span></p>
  • <p><span style="font-size: 14pt;" data-mce-style="font-size: 14pt;">---&gt;&nbsp;Ausgangsscan</span></p>
  • <p><span style="font-size: 14pt;" data-mce-style="font-size: 14pt;">---&gt;&nbsp;Übersicht aller Artikel</span></p>
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Thanks to its modular structure, Caesar Business can be quickly and easily adapted to any process in the central operation.

The barcode is scanned in the central office and the order is automatically assigned to the respective acceptance point.





The acceptance block for branches or acceptance points such as a post office, kiosk or tailoring includes the collection receipt for the customer, the middle part remains in the acceptance point and in the lower section there are 9 tear-offs for labeling the goods.




The digital acceptance point module for our Caesar 3 Kassensystem and our Caesar Business Software.

A module for your acceptance points is now available for our Caesar software. This digital solution replaces the time-consuming handling of Hydrofix blocks for acceptance points. The most important articles for the respective branch / acceptance point are displayed on a tablet with a touch screen.







Permanent labeling of textiles

Patch label placement example

Patch label placement example

Mini Patch label

The permanent textile marking guarantees a unique, permanent and clear personalization of the goods. We offer you pre-printed labels with mini barcodes to patch into the goods. Ideal e.g. for rental and work clothing, restaurants, hotels, spas, fitness studios, retirement homes, laboratories and medical practices.
Due to the extremely small size of 17 x 6 mm, the mini patches do not leave a negative impression, especially when worn privately. On the contrary: the unobtrusive personalization gives the customer a secure feeling that his garment will not be lost and ensures satisfied customer loyalty.



  • Legally compliant
  • Individual adaptation to your company
  • Fast training
  • Easier handling
  • Traceability
  • Flexible modular structure
  • Mixed operation QR and RFID possible
  • Consistent data acquisition
  • Possibility of convenient online administration
  • Ongoing optimization and updates


  • Master data management
  • Invoicing
  • Individual modules
  • Remote maintenance support
  • Personal, uncomplicated support
  • Optimization and updates

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The Caesar Business Software was developed to quickly record laundry and textiles that were handed in in branches and collection points in the central operation and to ensure the traceability of the parts.

Modular construction: Thanks to its modular structure, Caesar Business can be quickly and easily adapted to any process in a laundry. The software is flexible to use and guarantees a very short training period.

Acceptance points: In practice, pre-printed Hydrofix blocks with 9 tear-off strips, on each of which 2 QR codes are printed, are given to the acceptance points. These attach a tear-off strip to each dispensed part.

Central operation: The barcode is then scanned in the central operation and the order is automatically assigned to the respective acceptance point. The software only needs to assign the article designation of the scanned part via the touchscreen monitor. This saves the pre-sorting and counting of incoming laundry.

In addition, it is possible to assign comments or error texts to the article directly after the incoming scan, so that this text is pointed out when the part is processed.

The integrated "laundry basket" solution also allows laundry items to be assigned to the respective order after washing. So you don't have to pick up the individual unwashed items in advance when accepting the laundry.

Optionally, Caesar Business can be configured in such a way that only one entry is required. However, if desired, the parts can also be reported as finished using a barcode and / or an output scan can be activated. This ensures complete tracking and continuous data acquisition of the parts. Delivery notes and invoices can be created, changed and printed or sent directly to the customer.

Article master: The article master in Caesar Business is freely configurable. In addition to customer-specific article prices, it is also possible to define article groups, articles, branch and customer discounts.

Tour management: Tour management is also part of Caesar Business. Any number of tours can be recorded here and assigned to the branches.

Labels: If you only want to give out labels to the acceptance points, you can easily pre-print them from the software. All common thermal transfer printers are supported here. Mixed operation with QR codes and RFID chips is also possible without any problems.

Web portal: Caesar Business is also compatible with the Düchting web portal. In this cloud software, the web interface, the invoices are automatically generated from the delivery notes, sent to the customer by email and if the textile cleaner has agreed to direct debit with the customer, the web interface creates a Sepa direct debit file that can be read in with any online banking program. The web interface offers the processing of all data in real time and thus guarantees considerable time and cost savings.


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