Ideal with a tablet or notebook

Developed for our Caesar 3 POS System und unsere Caesar Business Software.

The new software solution from Düchting - specially developed for the digitization of small collection points.

This digital solution replaces the time-consuming handling of Hydrofix blocks for acceptance points.

The most important articles for the respective branch / acceptance point are displayed on a tablet with a touchscreen.

By simply tapping the button, the goods accepted by the customer are recorded. The data is then sent via Bluetooth to a printer with Hydrofix paper and a washable and drycleanable ink ribbon.

During the printing process, the pick-up receipt for the customer, the parts receipt for labeling the parts and the receipt for the acceptance point are printed.

The parts receipts are printed with a barcode so that further processing with our Caesar software and a connected scanner is very quick.

Changing the items displayed on the tablet is child's play by inserting a USB stick into the existing USB 3 port of the tablet.

Brilliantly simple - simply brilliant

This also eliminates the need to purchase and stock the expensive Hydrofix® blocks. The number of parts vouchers automatically adapts to the number of parts handed in, so that, in contrast to using the pre-printed Hydrofix® blocks, there is no longer any need to throw away sections that are not needed to mark the parts. This saves money and protects the environment.

The use of “FIBERROLLS” can be described as particularly ingenious.



 This procedure has serious advantages over using the conventional blocks for the acceptance points

  • Extremely fast detection of the positions
  • Contemporary, non-block acceptance of parts, resulting in less CO2 emissions
  • No disposal of unused sections for part identification of traditional blocks
  • If the customer brings more than 4 pieces, multiple block pages do not need to be used.
  • An order number, no matter how many parts the customer brings.
  • No storage of blocks for the respective acceptance points
  • No reordering of acceptance blocks with long waiting times
  • Updating the item data in the tablet is easy with a USB stick
  • No permanently installed PC with tangled cables on the counter
  • Hydrofix rolls are much cheaper than pre-printed Hydrofix blocks
  • Digitization of the acceptance point
  • User interface adaptable to own needs
  • Data transmission via Bluetooth to the printer
  • No training period as it is very easy to use
  • Universally applicable
  • Further processing of the recorded data by the Caesar 3 POS system and/or Caesar Business
  • Perfect integration of the digital processes
  • Minimize time spent accepting parts
  • up to 16 hours of tablet battery life


  • master data management
  • billing
  • Individual modules
  • remote maintenance support
  • Personal uncomplicated support
  • Optimization and updates
  • Düchting also offers the Caesar acceptance point module, including the required hardware, as a cost-effective rental model on request.

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